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Discovery Platforms

DNA-Encoded Library Technology (DELT)

DNA-Encoded Library Technology (DELT) is a fast-growing, cutting-edge discovery technology used to identify small molecule hits or leads against a variety of drug targets. The main principle of DELT is to encode each compound in the library with a unique DNA barcode. Thereby library of billion compounds can be screened as a mix in a single test tube and the active compounds are identified by amplification and sequencing of the DNA barcodes. Our DELT platform is built upon our thousands of novel building blocks and many year accumulated chemistry expertise with differentiation in diversity and quality of the libraries.

DELT Flow Chart

• Library Design

• DEL Production

• Protein Expression

• Affinity Screening

• Sequencing

• BI/Data Analysis/AI

• Off-DNA Compound Re-synthesis

• Hit Confirmation

Strategies of DELT Library Design

Diverse Library based on the combination of PB’s building blocks and known and/or newly developed DNA-compatible reactions.

Target Focused Library based on novel building blocks and unique structural features specifically for interested targets such as kinases, bromodomains, and targets suitable for covalent inhibitor development etc.

DELT libraries at PharmaBlock

• Completed > 25 libraries including 98 sub-libraries with 15B compounds