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Our Story

PharmaBlock Sciences (Nanjing), Inc. (SZSE:300725)  is a leading provider of innovative chemistry products and services throughout the pharmaceutical R&D process and commercial production. Its core businesses include a rationally designed building blocks collection, supplying from discovery, development to commercial; building blocks driven libraries for drug discovery; development and manufacturing of RSMs, intermediates, APIs, and drug products for drug development and commercial.

Officially operated in 2008, PharmaBlock has partnered with almost all the top 20 pharmaceutical companies and hundreds of small to medium-sized biotech companies around the world. Its ever-changing mission is to provide better products and services through innovation of chemistry and low carbon technology in R&D and manufacturing, and eventually to support partners to accelerate drug discovery and development, and move the new molecules into the market at full speed.  

Novel Building Blocks

Since its establishment, PharmaBlock has rapidly gained recognition for its outstanding capabilities in the design, synthesis, and supply of novel building blocks. The team has generated a large and unique collection of high-quality and diverse building blocks, which are increasingly adopted by drug hunters to enrich the structure options, improve compound quality, expand patent space and eventually accelerate drug discovery projects. PharmaBlock has also been strengthening process R&D capabilities and expanding manufacturing capacity to secure the sustainable supply of building blocks.

Based on the accumulation of building blocks, and chemistry know-hows, PharmaBlock extends its business scope and deliver its commitment to a more comprehensive and long-term service to valued customers.

Building Blocks Driven Libraries for Drug Discovery

Inspired by the large and unique collection of building blocks, PharmaBlock has established a powerful drug discovery platform for medicinal chemists to quickly identify leads. This platform includes a set of efficient tools, including but not limited to Fragment-based Library for Drug Design (FBDD), DNA-encoded Library Technology (DELT), and Virtual Screening.

Fully Integrated CDMO for Drug Development & Commercial

Led by an experienced management and core technical team, PharmaBlock is providing development and manufacturing solutions of intermediates, drug substances, and drug products for development and commercial stages. Taking full advantage of building blocks availabilities, along with its know-hows in chemistry, process development, analytical development, GMP manufacturing, and engineering technologies, etc., the team has distinguished itself for capabilities to deliver integrated CMC services, tackle challenging chemistry, secure reliable supply, control cost with full compliance of quality and EHS, etc.

Technology Innovation

At PharmaBlock, technology innovation is an essential component of our commitment to providing efficient, high-quality, and reliable services to partners, and fulfilling our social responsibility. The company has developed a comprehensive suite of solutions, featuring flow chemistry, micropacked bed hydrogenation, biocatalysis, heterogeneous catalysis, etc., to reduce the carbon footprint, address the chemical challenges, and make pharmaceutical production more efficient and safer.   

The development and application of new technologies has enabled more innovative solutions, with shortened lead time and reduced overall costs for development and manufacturing projects, and bring long-term value to our customers.     

To recognize PharmaBlock's outstanding efforts and achievement in green chemistry in support of pharmaceutical research, development, and manufacturing, American Chemical Society (ACS) Green Chemistry Institute Pharmaceutical Roundtable (GCI PR) presented PharmaBlock 2023 and 2024 CMO Excellence in Green Chemistry Award, two years in a row!